Day 14, Wow

It has been quite a interesting few days. The fishing has not been spectacular and I was a little disappointed in the action since Sunday. With one big group in Florida and California for two days they figured they each caught 6 fish. There were two crappie caught with the second one escaping down the hole. I did move Utah for the guys and the fishing picked up a bit for them with fresh holes with another bonus crappie caught. Pat lost his glasses down a hole. Rob and his buddy were in Minnesota for two days and only caught a couple of fish. They also headed out on a adventure one day but did not fair well out deeper either. Kellie said they called and wanted to say thanks again they had a awesome time.
Kevin and his family were in Montana on Sunday and they also had slow fishing.. Kirk and Bob were in Florida last night and Kirk called to say they had 2 keepers and another bonus crappie.
I have Thad and DJ fishing in shallow, Phil and his family out a little further, Joe Jenson out just past a mile and Brian just past 2 miles. I will be checking in with all them to see if there is a better area to start moving the fleet.
It has been a very busy for me. The little dusting of snow we had Sunday turned into 4 inches and threw a wrench in all my plans. Blue thundered developed a antifreeze leak and in the process of repairing it I had a antifreeze shower. Yesterday we woke up to 28 below.
I now have the v-plow on the red baron and will be cutting some new trails, just do not know which way at this time. We are limited to going to the north with the giant snow berm. That only leaves us to head west or southwest at this time.
We have also added a new deluxe house to the fleet Idaho.
It is a very heavy house but has some nice amenities. Brian, Dean and Matt are working out the bugs and I will start booking it as the phone calls come in.
As far as I know it will have satellite TV for the football fans with two TVs, and running water, but I may not mess with that. We will see. Four single beds and it is 10×18. It has a two burner cooker, 8 holes, indoor biffy, ceiling fan, lights and electricity. Well it’s time to hit the lake as I prepare to move all the houses in the next 24 hours. Let’s hope the fishing gets a little better.