Day 38 January 23, 2009

Yesterday was another awesome day on the lake. The red baron’s tranny is hurting which is not good news considering it has less then 300 miles on it. It will be interesting to see what the tranny guy will do for me?
Mark and Sandy rolled in yesterday. They hope to eat fish at least twice. When I checked on them last night we had a nice visit and they landed two walleyes while I was there a small one and an 18 1/4. They were up to 8 fish either to small or to big which was good as they were getting action.
Zack and his friends rolled in last night and have a huge group rolling in today. I prepped 7 or 8 driveways for them yesterday as there bringing up 7 hard houses today.
Minnesota and Montana are set up next to each other for Jill plus they are also bring up a hard house.
Kellie and I fished Idaho in its new spot and each landed a walleye while we were trying to eat supper.
I have plenty of holes to auger this morning. Some repair work to do to a couple of our houses, bank Minnesota a little better, make sure all the house have a full propane, meet customers as they roll in, plow another spot or two for hard houses.
Utah is on a new spot and it will be interesting to see how that area does as I’m always looking for an area to ruin? Or fish the snot out of. I may leave Alaska right where it is as the fishing has been decent in that area,.
Let’s hope we have some great fishing this weekend.