Day 39 Sat Jan 24, 2009

After making the rounds last night everyone had a little action. Catching 50 fish a night does not seem like it’s in the cards. 10 is more realistic. Then there’s always the chance of a big pike or a bonus crappie. Jeff from Agassiz has punched his road all the way to the reservation line and again moved his houses out further. I was not able to talk to the guys in Utah as they are also staying in the cabin. Florida was probably the slowest house with Mark and Sandy but they are not complaining as they are enjoying the peace and quite. Every house was on a new spot this weekend and the way it looks will all be moved again starting Sunday. Maybe I will rent a ditch witch and we can cut a line in the ice and troll to our next destination. Fishing out further has not produced the great fishing even though the pre fishing has produced it seems to slow down as soon as I move into areas. I have all the houses spread out from 1.7 mile all the way to 5 miles out. The better fishing has been at dusk and dawn as they move through or under the houses. The good news as I talked to the guy that rebuilt my transmission in the red baron and he assured me if I burn it out he will take care of me so he said run the snot out of it and that’s what I intend to do. Should be fun as I love cutting a new trail. Jake will be up Wednesday and we will again pre fish new areas and spend some time looking for the famous, very elusive red lake crappie. It would be interesting to know how all the outfitters are doing but they are quite tight lipped and you never know if there telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.