Day 41 Mon Jan 26, 2009

That makes a lot of sense so if I fish with you two days and I do the work of half a man. I might land one or two.
Leave the cold weather at home.
I will let you know if we need anything midweek.
Hers a break down of all the houses did on the new fishing spots this last weekend.
Florida. Mark and Sandy rolled in Thursday afternoon and it was nice being able to visit with them off an on all weekend. They have been great customers over the years and had some sad news as Mark’s fishing buddy passed away. The fishing started off real good with them landing a dozen fish the first day , They were having a little trouble getting a couple for a fish fry at Westwind though. They did manage to get a couple of keepers and were delighted to have Westwind cook them to perfection.
Idaho. I feel bad for these guys while Mark and Sandy had good fishing they had horrible fishing. A bad spot I guess as they were less then 200 feet from Florida. Will get them next time Ken
Montana and old Minnesota had a blast with Jill, Sandy, Kirk, two kids Grandpa Willard, Uncle Glen and Jeff with his ice castle. They caught fish all weekend and ate like kings and queens. Not sure how many fish they took home but they sure had a good time and sandy will be back in a couple of weeks with another group.
California also did decent and I let the guys use New York. They caught 4 keepers out of New York and marked a ton of fish that would not bite.
Sergio, Allen and the other guys used Utah and had the cabin. Sergio landed a pike just under 40 inches on a tip up and with no gaff outside he had to reach down the hole and grab it. They released the fish in the house and the fishing just died after that.
Alaska was just rented for the day on Saturday. They landed a keeper right away .They also had two hard houses with them. I never got to see them as the pulled out that evening so not sure how they did. I was able to have a bloody Mary with them and man was that good. They had like 4 or five girls with them and had quite the spread of food. They also had a girl that was a game warden that was very nice and I wish her all the luck with her job.
I also punched a spot for Steve and his crew of four they had pretty good fishing until last night when a big pike decided to camp under there house. They were eating fish when I stopped by last night and will be pulling out today
Ryan and his buddies are in Utah and only caught one fish when I talked to them last night. Rob and his crew are in Montana and got a keeper right when they arrived. Lee and Chris also checked in yesterday and landed a keeper right away. Lee also had a mishap and when he leaned on the table it broke and he landed on Chris’s lap. Too funny but he was ok. Kellie and I will be having dinner with them tonight in old Minnesota.
Update on the red baron. Ken the transmission guy told me to drive the snot out of it but that did not work out as it would not even go into gear Saturday morning. After warming it up for over an hour it did go into gear but cutting a new trail was working the motor too hard and it does not make sense to beat on the truck so it is out of commission at this time. I hope to have it at the tranny shop by noon today.
As always the best fishing seemed to be the first day of arrival and tapered off after that. All the houses will be moved this week with some moved twice as we have guest through out the week. Tony boy is doing a great job helping me out. We may have to add another few states /fish houses next year so he can make a bigger pay check.