dec 18th 2017

Well well where to begin? The good night bite we had last weekend just disappeared as the traffic arrived on the shores of upper red lake. All our houses were moved 100 to 200 yards west to a few inches of deeper water .Lets juat say that did not pay off , in hindsight I should of stayed around old Minnesota depths and maybe went the other direction.
Jerry ,Bob and Zack arrived Thursday eve and did not fair to well the first night. They managed a true couple with a rattle wheel or two but sure was not what I expected.
Friday was again a busy day as I did final prep work and augured holes. Wayne arrived early for old Minnesota and missed one fish around 3 pm. That night we spent the evening hanging out and playing some cards with not a single nibble.
Larry arrived alone for montana as his other guy bailed on him. I’m not sure how all the house’s caught over 40 fish, not counting misses to next to nothing. I have a idea but will just keep that one to my self.
Saturday after a little recon and scouting a area, I had to make the decision to start the fleet out to deeper water. Old Minnesota was the first to move, in between I had to augur holes for Kevin and arrons arrivalin florida and prep north Carolina,for Bobs arrival .
Once old Minnesota was banked and augured I headed back to moved north Dakota, Larry came over and gave a helping hand as I would be moving montana also. plus I checked in Kevin and Arron into florida where they watched out the picture window as the whole fleet was leaving them for better waters. Oh! Oh!
After taking care of north Dakota I headed back to retrieve montana and was feeling the work load, the back is getting older every year. Larry chiseled out the blocks after I pulled out and followed me. Once Montana was blocked, banked, augured it was closing in on 4 pm and I was spent. About 4:30 the phone rings and Its Kevin in florida and he wants to know if I’m coming back to move them as they have not got a bite and they have been fishing on a new spot for 4 hours. Plus I had told them how the fishing had been the last 24 hours. I explained that my back was done and I do not move houses in the dark in less its a emergency. After a couple phone calls I could not find any one with a open house so I walked over to talk with Larry in Montana and ask if he would like some company for the evening as he had met them when he was waiting for me to come back and get his house. Larry has rented from me quite a few times and he had no problem helping me out, so every thing was set in motion as I went to escort them out to the house. Wow what a day.
The rest of the evening was spent playing cards with the hammer and our good friend Wayne catching a couple fish and missing a few fish with plenty of laughs to make us all a little younger. Chris stooped by to say hello, as well as gravy a previous customer and Travis the new kid on the block.
Around 9;30 pm I had to escort Kevin and Arron back to florida where I hoped they would get a few more fish like last weekend. Then it was back to old Minnesota to finish up our card game and head home to bed.
The fishing results, 8 for north Dakota, 7 for Minnesota, and 8 for montana plus numerous misses from all the houses.
Yesterday was again busy as I said goodbye to all, then prepped north Dakota for Craig and his family. I also got all 3 houses ready as we started putting new carpet in florida, montana and old Minnesota on the ice.
Lets just say the weekend was a grind, I loved all most every minute of it and after supper last night I was out like a baby at 7:35 pm. dreaming of such a grand lake that, as that old timer Dave Told me. “Its a Grand Lake” A Grand Lake” and it owes me Nothing! Nothing!