Day 43 Jan 28, 2009

Making the rounds last night was a little better then the last two nights. I usually do not blame the weather for the bite. About the time you blame the weather you here that someone hammered them. Talk to Pete and he said they had 7 in the bucket after getting none the day before. Westwind was shuffling some fishermen around and I had all my fishermen fishing in anyone of my houses trying to find some active fish. 
It was nice to see a couple of fish taken in every house.
Florida had 3 keepers, Utah had 3 keepers, Tony tried a new spot and got two, the girls had just started fishing in California. .Lee and Chris landed a 32 inch pike before dark. 
The next two days will be spent scouting and moving houses for the up and coming weekend. Jake and Andrew will be up this morning and will try a few areas. They sure would like to tag into a crappie or two as well as me. 
I will be hitting the lake this morning around
7:30 to say good bye to lee and Chris. It sure was nice having them up and visiting with them. I hope to go to the boundary waters with them next fall. They also want to come up in March and have me make them smothered burritos. I’m all for that and I hope that works out. I will be making them in three weeks for Bob and Jackie. Slow cooked in old Minnesota all day the aroma will drive Bob crazy. 
Mike and his wife have had the worst fishing in
Idaho. I sure hope when I head out there this morning they finally got some action. Yesterday we had a little more trouble with the generator and spent another hour taking it a part and getting all the oil out of the filter. What a mess not good when the generator tips over and runs on its side.