Day 44 Jan 30, 2009

Yesterday I hit the lake a little earlier then usual as I wanted to do some fishing. After seeing how Jake and Andrew did I headed to New York. I got my first line down with the good old genz worm then set my old electric jig stick up with a smaller sized demon. After 15 minutes I marked a fish in the one corner but he did not hang around long. I then started the car thinking that may trigger a bite. Jake pulled in with his pick up and came into the house. While talking too him about our game plan I noticed my jig stick with the spring bobber was pegged? 
When I reached down and set the hook I looked at Jake and said were not landing this fish. I quickly started peeling out the 4 lb line and handed the rod to Jake and said get all the line out. Running 4 lb line through the fingers I had no real plan. He stopped just for a second as I pulled in line to see if I could make him come my way. With that little resistance he took off like a rocket. Jake did what he could do and followed the fish with the rod tip going towards the hole until the line was to taunt and snap he was gone. Got the heart pumping but I new from the get go that fish was taking my jig. Fun Fun Fun 
While Jake and his brother went looking for a hot bite I met Tonyboy to finish moving houses and prepping for the weekend. It did not take them long to find some fish in closer to shore. Just over a mile out they found a day bite and managed to have two keepers a couple of misses and a couple to big. We then hooked up for lunch and they all helped me move
Utah all the way out to the end of the road. Utah is now almost to the reservation line 9 miles out and Jake and Andrew were spending the night out there. 
We then got road passes at Hillmens and went in search of the elusive upper red lake crappie. I was amazed at how many fish we marked and managed to lose one fish and lip another. After two hours in a portable we threw in the towel and my vision of a bucket of crappies never materialized. Oh well we will get them next time as there are roads right to where we fished last year and had such great success. 
After coming home for dinner I ran out to check on Jeff and his family fishing
Montana. Kim, Zack and Tyler were having a good day and had 5 keepers and had released another 6. Jeff said they never had any runs but one fish here and one fish there were starting to add up. When I checked with them they had been fishing from around noon tell I stopped by at 7 pm. 
With Idaho still open it will become a house for other customers to try through out the weekend. I thought about offering it last minute for free. But have decided if it’s not rented all our other customers can have free use of it this weekend. Should be a fun weekend all the houses are in fishy areas lets hope they bite.