Day 46 Feb 02, 2009

Spent some time talking to my son Joe yesterday. We got talking about some of the lake politics and what really goes on up here that I can not write about or choose not to. He suggested I write what ever I want on my web site since I have full control over it? I told Joe he should not put these kinds of ideas in my head. All though it would be fun I still think it would be a horrible idea and not benefit me in any way. In fact it may get me in to some trouble with plenty of dirty looks and I get enough of them all ready. 
I ‘am thinking about writing a tell all book that the kids can publish years down the road, the names would have to be changed to protect the guilty. Living here and being on the lake I see it all the good the bad and the ugly. I have some emails that are hard to believe and could also so put them in there. For now I will concentrate on taking care of my customers old and new and making sure they have an enjoyable time.