dec. 21rst 2017

Day 7 of having the houses on the lake and I hate to say it seems a lot longer. North Dakota has been moved for its third time as well florida . I’m hoping to get montana and old Minnesota moved today followed op by north Carolina.
Criag and his family Mary, the kids, Addison, Carson and Conner. Craig had it all dialed in to how and fish with small kids and brought up tip ups that he placed in the holes then put the hole covers back on. each one had a beeper alarm that triggered a bite . They had a Grand time and I escorted off the lake in somewhat whiteout conditions Tuesday morning.
Dale and Bobby rolled in Monday fro old minnesota. Last year I promised them a fish dinner and due to a blizzard on the lake last year we did not go out there that night. It could not of worked out better as The fish we kept while wayne was here were just sitting in a bowl of ice, cleaned from the day before . The hammer and I headed out around 4 to have dinner and fish a bit. We were only in the house for less then 15 minutes when dale set the hook on a nice fish. When he saw it and thought he had a sheaphead but low and behold a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie was splashing in the hole. It was 14 1/2 inches, not only the biggest he has ever caught but also his first upper red lake crappie, they have been here numerous times over the years winter and summer, that’s just says how elusive they truly are. Then to boot it was in the hammer’s favorite spot but she took it like a trooper. As I was taking a pic, the rattle wheel went off and the hammer lost what could of very well been another elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. :pouty: Then Bobby jo says hey my bobbers gone, another swing and a miss. Wow! did a small school happen to pass by . The world will never know ?
Dinner could not of turned out better and Dale commented it was the best fish fry he had ever had.
Mel, Dan and Robbie were also here installing new carpet in florida montana and old Minnesota. They had a hoot while they were here as always. They sure love having fun and fishing. They managed to eat some fish and also take home a few. The carpet turned out great .
Of course in between all this action, mother nature had to throw in her two cents. Most of the main road stayed open by design but the side roads drifted in pretty good and also left some pretty good drifts around houses on the lake. Then the berm on the south collapsed sending a few cracks through the road. So if your on Hillmens highway, please drive slow, its not a freeway! Think of it as a school zone or your out on a sunday drive.
Today Rick and Dianne roll in as well as Ryan and his crew, so I again have plenty to do this morning. 16 holes to augur and I would like to get old Minnesota moved as well as montana.
I did stop and check on Matt and Billy in old Minnesota as I was leaving the lake and matt had caught a fishing pole with a nice 19 incher attached. Turns out Bobby jo’s pole was missing Tuesday morning. I took the pole but they would not give me the fish to also return to her.