Dec. 24th 2017

The first thing is I say Merry Christmas. So Merry Christmas to all.
Been battling the elements here on the shores of upper red lake. The wind and snow squalls seem to never stop. Keeps a guy a little busier that’s for sure.
Ryan and his family Shannon, Leo and Jack arrived right on time for one night in north Dakota. They did well and took home 10 fish for sure. They may of caught a couple more after I said goodbye.
Rick and Dianne met us at westwinds customer appreciation Thursday eve and just like every year westwind the premier resort here in waskish did a outstanding job. Rick was edgy to get back out to florida and start there mini vacation on the ice. they to did well and went home with 8 keepers.
On the other hand the hammer and I fished old Minnesota Friday night. We spent the night on the lake, With the house on a new spot I expected we would catch a few fish. Lets just say the honey bun might want to hire a guide next time because we could not bye a fish. The rattle wheel did go off twice in the middle of the night with nothing there both times. Mean while every one else had action. I’m thinking there was something wrong with our minnows. We did enjoy the sunrise and I made eggs and hash for breakfast on the ice.
Sam and his better half were fishing a bout 200 yards away and got 6 Friday night. Pat and Long hair also arrived Friday and had 7 Saturday morning. Another wheel house just to our left got a couple? and a 34 inch pike. I was thinking that pike may of been under are house as another reason we could not by a bite as I did have a fish on twice that felt big Saturday morning before we packed up.
I also had a phone call Saturday morning as a guy lost his hand gun down a hole. We were able to retrieve it with a magnet, camera and a little ingenuity. He sure was happy to get that back.
Friday morning I stopped in to check on Rick and Dianne .I was having a cup of coffee figuring out what I had to do and why I had so much time on my hands? Once I got to work I was behind with in minutes as the vacuum quit working. I then had to install new handles on the hole covers and darn if the drill was not in the other truck. What should of taken a few minutes turned into a hour of work. Its so funny how many times during the season it will be in the other truck. Even if I have two of something they end up in the same truck.
Blue thunder is in the process of getting a new radiator before this cold snap coming. I did have a cancelation for Tuesday and Wednesday for florida. I guess it was going to be to cold, as Lance said the kids would go stir crazy.
Today Rick and Heather are spose to arrive .They had planned the same trip last year and a blizzard kept them form coming up. I guess if it works out I will move old Minnesota again for the hammer and I to fish again because where its at was horrible.
There plenty of plowing to do this morning as the winds were blowing like crazy yesterday