Christmas day 2017

Wow with the major part of the season starting tomorrow, good old mother nature has decided to make things just a little tougher. -19 as I type with a high today of -14. Will be waring a face mask today as I plan on moving Montana after Pat and Long hair Mike take off. They said last night when I check on them I should leave the house there as the fishing has been outstanding? Both times I stopped there yesterday they caught a fish while I was visiting.
I’ll have to come up with a plan when I get out there as Blue thunder is down right now as I wait for the right radiator. So frustrating as The guy I had on the phone was reassuring I would be getting the right one. Measured twice ordered once and crap.
I have never liked leaving a house in the same spot very long and if the fishing is good it may only be a 30 yards move. Banking the houses with the red baron can be done but that big old v-plow makes quite a mess?
After fishing old Minnesota with the hammer one night, I am not quite sure what I plan on doing as we only drilled 3 holes. All the houses are banked to the hilt at this time. More then once mother nature decides what can be done and this may be one of those days. -20 and I do not move houses so were right on the cut offline. With this cold snap lingering right into the weekend it has to be slow and patient. Slow and Patient
I was all ready outside this morning and the Red baron is running, it may be running 16 hours a day for the next few days if not more. It started fine but needed to be restarted a few times, a true 3 times before he kept running. My trucks are not spoiled and there is no warn garage for them, all though its always been on the wish list.
White Lightning aka Cheyanne ‘s radiator will have to still wait untell I get our torpedo back.
The sky is kicking over so its time to get busy . Every one have a safe holiday and lets hope for peace and love as a grand gift.