dec 29th 2017

darn its been so crazy busy, plus battling the elements has made it tough for me to stay on top of my fishing reports from the shores of upper red lake.
Just keeping everything running and organized takes time, then throw in some plowing, helping out fellow fishermen, moving the houses ,checking in on the customers checking out the customers, checking emails, returning phone calls, answering the phone, checking message’s at home, checking emails. cleaning the houses, I was also trying to get some physical therapy for my shoulder, but that’s has been thrown out the window so I just need to stay focused on the exercise’s they have given me for now.
The fishing has just been so so for the houses, I found a pretty good fishy area but it may be getting to the point of ruined and the whole fleet will have to be moved to greener pasture or whither ice in this case.
If your not here you would not believe all the wheel houses on the lake. I’m hoping to see some drone pics as its just crazy out there. 1 wheel house leaves and 2 more show up ,2 leave and 3 more show up. Its lights as far as the eyes can see out there.
Trying to remember everyone names has been a little tougher then usual and I’m a little frustrated with that.
Ryan and his family stayed in north Dakota and caught some fish, they had to leave early so I did not get to say goodbye,
Jamie and his crew had 7 or 8 there first night, we had to get there truck running after the first night as they may have a weak battery.
Ryan and his family were in montana and caught some fish. They were here 3 nights so we moved them the rd day but it did not pay off as I had hoped.
Old Minnesota had a cancelation so I let Guy and his family stay one night. I think they are from chisum. They only caught a few fish , There little daughter had some cinnamon cookies, shaped like letters and I just had to have 1 then 2 and 3. Plus there may be some home made chocolate chip cookies in the future.
I then had jeff in there for one night and he had 3 before he left so not sure if he got his fourth.
Our son Jonny boy came up to help us so we were able to move 4 houses and reset them in a day,
Andy, Andy and Travis are all by them self’s and I was hoping they would have some outstanding fishing but as of yesterday it was not that good.
Pat and the kids in North Dakota had enough to go have a fish fry and it was nice seeing Pat again, he was able to hook up with my good friend the greek and spend a week in Alaska last summer. I was hoping to get in a game of cribbage with Pat but it just did not pan out as last night I was spent. Fighting this cold weather seems to ware a guy out.
I was planning on moving the houses this morning but with the temps at – 24 not sure how that’s going to pan out at this time. The sky is kicking over the trucks have been idling for over a hour and I got to go.
Lets hope we have a grand day on such a grand lake that owes us Nothing! nothing!