Jan 2nd 2018

Happy new year to all my family,fishing friends customers and potential customer’s. Its been so busy and with mother nature having her 2 cents I had no time to make new year resolution. Oh well maybe next year.
Rick and his brothers showed up Saturday morning, they have been coming for years so it was quite easy to check them in and keep on trucking,
The temps have been brutal and started to affect every thing as the cold snap lingers on. Jonny boy and I took our time as we moved and prepped north Dakota for Cory, Abby 2 of the 4 kids Vida and Cash. This is there 3rd year coming. They sure are a nice family. I always enjoy visiting with them.
Plus its sure is fun watchin them kids grow up, one other plus is the kids always offer me cookies.
They ended up heading home with 11 keepers and a few perch.
Bian and his crew Derrick,Tracy and Patty have not done the greatest and we moved them yesterday to a fresh area.
Andy ,Andy and Travis also ended up with 11 I think plus a few perch so we did find a new fishy area to ruin. They have always stayed in montana house but this year they ended up in florida.
Old Minnesota was kind of a dud for Rick Matt and other brother sorry . They come back in a couple weeks to redeem them self’s, When we moved the house they had forgot 2 fish laying on the ice under the house.I know they did eat a couple fish
We moved florida after Andy left and Tim and Amanda have done pretty well.
Blue thunder decided the cold was enough and I had to go to Bemidji yesterday and purchase 2 new batteries and a fuel filter. Yesterday Jonny boy and I had to move both house with the red baron it is a little tougher banking the house with a giant v plow.
The temps the last week were just brutal with many generators , heaters having problems on the lake. Plus a few diesels and other vechicles.
Buddy Hillmen looked like a proud poppa pulling that double decker out onto the lake sunday afternoon. I have nicked named it the behemoth and he also nick named it the money pit . It is quite the monster and will sleep 12 with 20 holes. I know there some opening left I believe it around 500 per night. The store number is 218 647 8504.
Lonnie and his wife ended up catching some fish the last night and its always a treat to stop in there. Lisa makes incredible soups and I think it may be campbels or she works for them or should?
Jeff broke in a new ice castle with temps 29 below . He did have some furnace issues but our friend Boar was able to walk him through it.
Lets just say the temps have been brutal its been a world wind and it feels good to catch my breath. We have a day or two to reset but mother nature is going to throw a wrench in it as I noticed the winds are picking up.