Jan 5th 2018

With this cold snap never ending it has again been a bit of a grind. We checked Amanda and Tim into florida sunday afternoon. They had 2 days of Pretty good fishing in my book. They took home 8, released 6 and had fish for dinner.
Brian, Derrick and the two gals Tracy and Patty did much better after we moved montana for there last night. I then put Linda and Tracy in the same house, same spot and even though it had not been fished 24 hrs they had to grind out the fishing to get 5. Hind sight is a tough thing.
After Tim and Amanda left we moved Notrh Dakota to the south east of florida where I expected more good fishing, man was I wrong for Jack and his grandson Josh and Ben. Brand new spot and they were only up to 4 fish. Tom and John fished old Minnesota 2 days, not spending the night and only managed a couple fish per day also a new spot. I would love to blame the weather but you always here someone saying there catching double digits every day? oh well.
Today is going to be a tough day as we would like to move Monatana ,North Dakota to new locations. I had a family spending the night in montana last minute and they were comfortable when I check in on them last night.
I also had Joanne and Steave in florida last night and the fishing was not that good on another new spot. Lets hope this morning they had some action.
Jonny boy was spending the night in old Minnesota so we shall see if he had any action last night. I did catch one last night while the hammer and I had pizza and watched a movie out there.
It may be time to make a big move with old Minnesota and florida today. With the temps -30 this morning I’m not the happiest camper. I have no problem moving houses but I still have not figured out what’s going on with blue thunder as it seems to run out of gas under power?
Every day on the lake is a challenge to say the least. I ‘m not even sure how many days its been on the lake. Just like every year, its plan A turns to plan B, plan B turns to plan C. Improvising on a grand lake it quite the challenge .