jan 8th 2018

She is a grand lake and it owe us nothing that’s for sure. Day 33 of working on the lake and its been a blast. Its been a grind, its been a struggle. The fishing has been all over the board, from great to horse sh.
I’m a little superstitious so when I talk about all our equipment I always knock on wood. It finally got warm enough to install the new fuel filter in blue thunders carb. and just like that’s she is running much better. I’m always leery when it come to screwing that fuel line back into the carb base. I got another torpedo, the third one I decided to go a different route and went with the diesel fuel one. Nothing is ever easy in these conditions using the only fuel available in waskish for it has made the use of it a little more then aggravating. We will get her dialed in before this next cold snap. I wonder why I seem to call our equipment her? Must be the way I try and take care of it all.
The hammer and I celebrated our 40th year of marriage ,fishing ,eating ,playing poker with our good friend Wayne and our first son. Jonny boy.
I grilled behind old Minnesota in a study wind of 25 miles an hour out of the south. I got Darrin to pick us up some steaks, not sure where he purchased them but oh my they were all most unbelievable, the only thing that could of improved them would of been fresh morel mushrooms
This next spring Wayne and I our going om a mission to find the mother load of morel’s.
Wayne decided to put on a little clinic when I switched up my set up to a smaller forage minnow tipped with a fathead. I got the vex all dialed in and proceeded to prep the dinner. He set down in my chair and banged out a few fish from 7 to 8 pm. Totaling out fishing the hammer? He was setting the hook like it was a shark, driving that hook into its mouth, not loosing any of the bites he had he was in a zone for a bit. Sunday morning I cleaned up a batch of fish and fresh fish is on the menu.
Don had his crew shrunk before arrival and it opened up florida for the weekend. I bumped Mike and his sons out of north Carolina as a up grade and they did horrible. Spitting chew in the holes is a bad idea in my book. Wayne and I agree the golden rule. Nothing gets thrown down the holes. I was pretty disappointed when I went to clean and move florida yesterday.
Don and the guys managed a fish fry, they also did a outing on the snowbear of Joshes. They did not do that well but got to tour quite a big portion of the lake at night.
Mother nature was again a factor as the winds picked up enough with a snow squall to make visibility tough for part of Saturday, with drifting snow around everything sunday mornig.
The warm temp also made some pressure ridges . One Saturday night that gave the hammer/honey bunny quite the scare as it sounds like its going to explode right under the house. I would say it has to be all most like a earthquake only not lasting quite as long. She cringed and Put her hands over her face as she rumbled for a good 20 seconds before squeaking and settling down. Sunday morning she again exploded. It looks like the south berm of buddy Hillmen’s highway is now a active pressure ridge. It always quite the sight to see as it will be moving the rest of the year.
Our good friends Mel and Dan have rented the big double decker from Buddy Hillmen’s. They are pumped to fish out of the behemoth/ money pit/ and beach house as Lisa coined it. That house may set a record for nick names with many, many stories to come out of that house.
Jonny boy had a rough day yesterday and smacked his fingers pretty good plus may of lost the key to our newest edition white lightning / aka Cheyane that made it debut on the lake Saturday. What a treat to drive a warm truck with a comfortable seat to boot.
Its all most time to fire up the fleet and check the fluids. Mike and his wife Tracy and there friends were in north Dakota last night. I hoping to go jam with my harmonicas with them to night as they both play guitar with Scott bringing a 12 string.
Reggie and Garmin were in florida last night and had a couple when I came off the lake.
This warm air is a treat and I plan on enjoying working out there the next few days, I may even get a nap in ole Minnesota, maybe even a nap nap on such a grand lake.