jan 10th 2018

Hump day and we have a lot of prep the next 24 hrs as snow is predicted starting tonight.
Yesterday was a long day as I hit the lake at 8 am and finished up at 8 pm.
Buddy Hillman extended the main road another mile or snow and all the snow on the north edge had to be moved to the south of the road. I ‘m headed out in a bit to try and finish what I started.
Sunday we got Florida and north Dakota moved and ready just as they arrived. Mike, Irv, Pat and Tracy/Terry were in north Dakota . The first night was slow but Monday night they did much better. The hammer and I had fresh honey crusted walleye in old Minnesota Monday night and never made it over so I could practice Jam with the harp.
We got skunked in old Minnesota but as always it never gets better. We caught and missed fished in there for 2 days.
Reggie and Garmin were in Florida for just one night, she had never ice fished and was born and raised in Africa. They had a fish fry and went home Monday with there 8.
The jersey boys arrive tomorrow with John and his crew checking in yesterday just as I was putting the finishing touches on moving and prepping north Dakota.
They only had a couple when I checked in on them last night but did miss two while I was visiting.
With some snow predicted we now have over 10 miles of main road to maintain plus my side roads. I totally expect white out conditions Thursday if the weather idiot is right.
I did get our new cookie’s on upper red lake Hoodies ordered and can not wait to see them.
That was a huge chore.
last thing is Hillmen tall tale tavern have the crappie floopers playing some music on the 27th and feb 4th is there chile cook off

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