Day 45 Feb 01, 2009

Wow it’s hard to believe that many days have gone by that I have worked on the lake. 
Today was cleaning day and meeting Kirk and Joe as they are here for a couple of days. They started off today in
Florida and we will see how they do. 
John, Jeremy and Rob are watching the Super Bowl and fishing in
Idaho and Bob and his crew are fishing in Alaska. 
The fishing was not too bad this weekend with everyone catching a fish or two or three. 
Minnesota had Dwayne his wife Sue there friends Deb and Dan and they had a hoot. The girls were new to ice fishing and want to come back next year. They were a very fun group to visit with as they were all a bout having a good time. They left the house in perfect shape as well as all of the other customers this week. Sure made it easier for me to clean things up and believe me I really appreciate it. 
Tom was here again with his brothers. Tom always seems so relaxed he is a MPLS police officer and on the bomb squad. They sure are a nice group of guys; they also had a fish fry while they were here. Not sure how many fish they caught as I missed them when they left this morning. 
Montana had caught 14 the night before Steve, Scott and Scott’s son arrived so I had high hopes. I also told them I would put the house on a fresh spot if the fishing was slow by Saturday. We moved Montana for them on Saturday and they managed to catch a few. 
Luke and Brad fished
New York and got 5 keepers. 
Utah was a no show and not sure what was up with that. California had Al and his buddy they caught a few and headed home way early this morning. 
All in all it was a pretty good weekend. I will be moving houses starting tomorrow as I can not stand having the houses on the same spots. I sure like the area I have
Florida, New York and Idaho and need the red baron home so I can cut a trail. 
Utah is at the end of the road nine miles out right on the edge of the reservation line. A few crappies have been caught out there but not what I was hoping for. I will stay focused on walleyes with the bonus crappie for now. 
After 46 days I am a little worn out and need a good day of rest. Making the rounds in the evening can take up to three hours sometimes and really stretches out the day. Mother Nature will throw a wrench in things if I let my guard down so I will try and stay on top of things as I never run out of things to do.