Day 47 Feb 03, 2009

Hey Duayne it was nice having your group and meeting your wife. I was really hoping they would tag into a big fish when you guys were fishing the portable. Not sure where the houses will be in two weeks as I’m still looking for great fishing instead of good fishing. 
I’m still waiting for the call from the tranny guy working on the red baron. Yesterday was another cold day and it is -17 as I type. I dug
Montana out and took that out by Idaho, Florida, and New York. The fishing was a slow for Kirk and Joe but they are marking fish that are hugging the bottom. John, Rob and Jeremy are fishing next to Kirk and are having the same problem. A good fishy area with tight lipped fish. I can not believe a crappie has not been caught there as we have caught perch, walleye and pike. I will be dropping a line with them this morning before I go to work on the lake. 
Some guys were out of at the end of
Agassiz road and said they caught 42 walleyes in less then 24 hours. You can bet Jeff will be putting a house close to that spot. 3 crappies were caught right next to one of his houses but he said I could not put a house there? What’s up with that? 
Westwind was busy yesterday moving houses and it was kinda funny as I was taking a house out 5 miles they were going the other way? It’s sure nice to see other outfitters or resorts doing there best. It also gives me a good clue that there not pounding them which means it’s just not me. In the other direction I really do not see what’s happening. I can only guess that they have good fishing as that’s where I have had some great fishing. With less then 3 weeks of open walleye fishing I will be again scouting to the north for the crappie mother load. There is so much area out there that has not seen a hole auger and it’s unbelievable. Sounds like Ole may be coming up today and picking up some springs for blue thunders Boss plow. I had Tony boy move some snow and one of the springs broke. 
The auger needs some attention today so I will work on that until it warms up a bit after I go wet a line with Kirk and Joe. Tony went down to the cities for a week so I’m on my own this week. I have become spoiled with the help but as I get older I have no choice if I want to keep moving houses the way I do. 
I hope to add a few more houses to the fleet next year but we will see. If you’re not dreaming you’re not living.