Just looking back a bit I have been driving out onto the lake since dec 5th. 47 days on the ice. It has caught up on me a bit as the last couple nights I have been a little worn out, falling a sleep sitting up Thursday night after eating dinner.
The hammer and I fished old Minnesota after Jonny boy and I moved every thing Wednesday. I’m proud to say I out fished the hammer. She did lose a fish twice and then it refused to bite. She marked that fish or a fish the rest of the evening in tell we pack it up around 9 pm. I also tried to catch that fish but he would just come up and look them back to the bottom.
Randy and Tammy from Mankato would be arriving Thursday evening to stay in old Minnesota. Chad and his crew also arrived Thursday for north Dakota. Checking in on them on there fresh spot after getting randy and Tammy checked in and they had more then a few all ready in the bucket.
Friday early morning I was headed to baudett to pick up the red barons new drive shaft plusother parts as Jonny boy would be checking in Andy and Andy into montana and Aron and Brad into florida. When I arrived back to town I took the hammers truck out to say good morning to every one and see how they did. The rattle wheels in north Dakota were busy all night while Randy and Tammys house 200 feet away never went off? we have had a decent to real good day bite out there and that still continues. Chads crew had 12 keepers and were planning on having fresh fish for lunch.
Jonny boy and I met back at home where we worked on blue thunder and the red baron. All that went real smooth un tell I took the red baron for a test drive. No drive or third gear? I’m hoping we have a vacuum leak but after taking her out on the lake I brought her back home where she will rest untell I talk to my tranny guy Monday morning. I sure hope the transmission is not damaged for a forth time in 10 years.
Checking in with all the houses, they all had action through out the day. It sure has been a good fishy area.
I had also plowed a spot for Preston and they had a few fish. Jonny boys friend Mannie only had a couple but did head up to low with 6.
Ken and his gal Kelly went down the road a little further then where they fished last week and also were doing pretty well. Lonnie’s friend did manage to catch another elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie.
I also pointed a guide named Randy from deer river to a spot where him and his buudy got there 8. They had a great morning bite and were out of here after 3 hours of fishing. I sent Chuck and his wife over there with there wheel house where they had a little morning run and got 4 lickity split.
I also tugged a couple trucks out of snow banks yesterday, if your planning on off road travel common sense and a good number 2 steal shovel can be a tremendous help. Every year I end up picking up broken plastic snow shovels and this year is no different. They may work for banking a wheel house but they sure do not work for digging out.
Buddy Hillmens Highway is again in great shape. This little January thaw always helps the road get a little smoother.
Beacon Harbors berm sank and become a pressure ridge just like the one on the south side of hilllmens highway. There are some spots where that beautiful blue ice is sticking up in the air 6 feet. I had set Lonnie’s buddy Rob in a area and they said when it blew water came up there holes. The fishing was not that good there so there plan was to move.
Snowbear Josh has been doing real good with his snowbear trips and again that machine has quite the advantage to go to some great fishing spots. I may take him up on a offer to go do a little fishing in it this week. He is bringing his daughter up today for a little father daughter trip. He sure is a nice guy and has a passion to give people life time memories of fishing trips.
Jonny boy and I will be moving north Dakota once they leave as Paul and hid family will be arriving later today. I’ll say good bye to every one else, get all the houses cleaned and detailed and ready for there next moves hopefully all before the big game.
Hillmens Tall Tale Tavern are having a spaghetti dinner/fund raiser during half time so we plan on attending that and rooting for the home team
The sky is kicking over so I’m headed out to top off the generators and hopefully enjoy a upper red lake sunrise this morning, they never get old on such a grand lake that owes us nothing