jan 22nd 2018

What the heck is going on. The fishing sure has been good .
With more then a few fish caught this past weekend. Andy, Andy, Aron and Brad did real well and were happy where I set the houses.
Heading out to catch the sunrise was a bust as the fog was so thick it was hard just to stay on the road. When I arrived every one was packing up for the long drive home. Chad, Jessica, Matt and Andy had there best fishing the first night but plan on coming back next year.
Randy and Tammy also went home with there 8 but have had better fishing. I thought it was great but felt bad that we had fished in old Minnesota the night before.
Brad and Cindy did real well there one night in North carolina . They figured they caught at least 15. They did make a mistake on how many they could keep but we were able to give there fish to a couple other guys that had got skunked.
Jonny boy and I got north Dakota and montana moved yesterday. Paul, Dex, Derrick showed up right on time for north dakota . They had 7 last night when I checked in on them.
Les and his wife arrive today for montana. Its her birthday so I ask Les if he would bring her a German chocolate cake? My favorite.
The plan is to move old Minnesota and florida today and then I’m taking the day off and getting that nap I chase after every year on the top bunk of old minnesota
I talked to my tranny guy and will be running the red baron in low and 2nd gear for now as the damage is all ready done. I totally understand how hard my trucks work and its always part of the business but it still bums me out.
I did get to take white Lightning out on the ice Saturday for a bit and that was a treat. Comfortable seat ,good heat and a radio that picks up the radio station the whole time. She has a couple issue that we will address later in the year.
The hammers trail blazer needs a tune up so that’s on the honey do list.