jan 25th 2018

Getting a nap in old Minnesota was again a bust, I got out on the lake before light Tuesday morning as I wanted to capture one of upper red lakes grand sunrises. I was not disappointed as I set at the end of Hillmens Highway listening to some music watching another gorgeous sunrise.
Paul, Dex, Derrick and Chad were also up early as they came to shore to clean there bounty. they had pretty good fishing to my standards and said they had a good time. They ate a few and cleaned up 16.
Rita and Les checked in Monday right on time. After getting them dialed in a was off to old Minnesota for that long awaited nap. I settled in around 3 and dropped down 2 rattle reels put in a movie and climbed up on the top bunk where its always a little warmer. Just as I drifted off the rattle wheel went ding, ding, ding. I hustled off the bed where I landed a nice 16 1/2 fish. Resetting the line I again climbed back up on the bed ,not 5 minutes later the ding, ding, ding of the phone went off. After a few minutes I was back on the top bunk and ding, ding,ding. 4 o’clock and another fish was about to be caught. Number two another brother to the first one. One more time I re baited , 2 more phone calls one more fish a very healthy 18 incher and my nap time was over.
So here’s the new nap plan, turn off phone. After I move the Old minnesota today, do not augur the holes, then I will not be tempted to wet a line. I have Garret arriving after 9 pm tonight with our new hoodies in tow so it will be perfect timing to get in that nap as I start to get real tired around 9 pm every night.
Les and Rita headed home yesterday ,they also ate a few fish ,not sure how many they took home as I never asked when I was visiting and saying good bye. Rita did bring some cupcakes German chocolate man were the tasty.
Jonny boy has been doing a little scouting as the area I’m ruining is bound to burn out at some point. Lets hope doing the cookie shuffle keeps working.
I also was able to help Buddy Hillmen on the hillmen’s highway monday. The road extends around 7 miles straight west where it ends at a pressure ridge. we cleaned up the north edge and pushed all the snow to the south plus a round 5 miles a huge area of broken ice was crushed, smashed and moved with a skit steer to the south.
After Jonny boy and I got montana, north Dakota, and florida moved yesterday I came in to take the red baron out and make a few new trails. To my great surprise coming in after giving her a good work out I had drive? I never put her back in low but I sure hope it cleared it self up as a 4th rebuild was not planned in the budget.
Snowbear Josh headed home for a day and half so I’m going to keep a eye on his customers. He sure has been busy with guiding out of that snowbear and maybe next week I can get that ride. hey we may even wet a line in a area I have been trying to get back to for many years?
Its time to check the fluids and fire up the fleet.
One last thing, prayers are need for my sister in Colorado leah as there has been back to back tragedy in her life.