Day 49 Feb 05, 2009

I hate to say but it has been on the slow side. Dan, Rob and Jeremy took off yesterday morning. Kirk, Joe and Bob were here one more night. They have consistently marked fish with very few caught. I did see Joe walk out of Idaho with a fish so I thought that was a good sign. 
I’m still waiting for the red baron and blue thunder blew a lower radiator hose and broke a plow spring. I have the hose and will be installing that a little later this morning.
Montana is on a new spot, California is on a new spot Alaska is on a new spot, I will keep plugging away to get the other houses moved today and tomorrow. Having the red baron back sure would make it easier and I’m not sure how I managed with out it in the past. 
Let’s hope the bite picked up a bit last night and gets better all weekend.