jan 29th 2018

Wishful thinking I guess as I’m back to first and second gear on the red baron. If I manual shift she will catch drive on occasion though. You just have to love a chevy though. Take a licking and keeps on ticking. I’am a little curious why you can catch drive sometimes so going to give my tranny guy a call.
It was quite the busy but fun, fun, fun weekend. Scott Wakefield from Red lake adventures has a big walleye challenge every year. Its a 24 hour fishing contest ,with a heck of a prize I enter thinking I would have some time to fish? Plan A turned to plan B and lets just say plan B did not get me the winning fish. In fact it did not even get me a fish . Oh well being a gluten for punishment I will attempt to win the whole shebang next year. With checking in on all 5 of our five houses plus swinging in to 7 wheel houses that I either plowed or picked a spot for as I made the rounds Friday, Saturday during the contest I ask or claimed a hole in every house I visited . I even fished with snowbear Josh in the snowbear for a couple hours Friday night. I never got a bite and never seen a fish on any one’s electronics? Talk about a cold hand. Still gave it the collage try.
Thursday night we had to late check ins. Jaron and his crew would be arriving after 10 pm with Garret and his crew also coming after 9 pm. Garret and his crew were nice enough to swing by and pick up our cookies on upper red lake hoodies. The 2 boxes were so big the only way to bring them up were to load them in the truck out of the boxes in the cab on there laps and where ever else they could pack them. Talk about hand delivery. They fished in florida and had limited success. I think they only took home 10 fish, all though there were some misses in there.
Jaron and his crew also arrived Thursday with 2 of the guys a hour or two behind. Jaron was convinced he could go meet them when they arrived. I saw that coming and somewhere around midnight I got the phone call, were lost on the lake. Trying to get them on the right road over the phone was a challenge. Once I got then close Jonny boy was out on the lake so he was able to track them down and get them back to north Dakota shack. At some point Friday night Jonny boy again had to go find a couple of there buddies that had showed up in a wheel house after dark. With all these crazy lites on wheel houses it realey gets a little more confusing out there that’s for sure.
Jaron and his crew ended up with 11 or 12 keepers? Plus there buddie Chris with quite a few misses and never landing a fish. He might want to take up another sport?
Rick arrived with his crew for old Minnesota Friday morning. This was Ricks second of 3 trips planned this year. By no means did they have any epic fishing. They did land a few but over all it was on the slow side for sure. Taking home maybe 12. Rick comes all the way from Illinois. and sure has been a great customer over the years, even bringing the hammer and I a couple lobster tails and steaks as he must know I get tired of eating walleye all the time. I sure expected better fishing in that spot as blue thunder had to work extra hard to get the house in that spot .
Lucas and his crew were also late arrivals for montana Friday night. It was well after 10 pm when I got them settled in. They did about as well as the other house’s with Tyse landing a elusive yet still catchable 13 1/2 inch upper red lake crappie. Then to boot they released it to fight another day or as I say educate all the others. They also managed to take home 12 fish.
We also checked in Ken and his 2 buddies Bob and Berry into florida Saturday on a new spot there happy where there at and said they will be just fine fishing right there again today.
Now all the wheel house. Marlo and Butch with there 2 wheel house ended up on the hot bite with Butch’s buddie also landing a elusive yet still catchable 14 inch upper red lake crappie while I was there. That one did go in the bucket though. Marlo also battled a big pike twice with the second time the fish holding on to a 16 inch walleye for over ten minutes before letting go at he bottom of the ice. Another life time memory was made as Butch was in the shack when the battle began and ended. Marlo also caught close to 30 walleye on the spot. With Butch right behind him .
Not sure how Preston did after they moved? He set up where they did so well last time up but ended up moving the second day. closer to marlo’s spot?
Lee and his cousin also did will where I plowed them a spot. Nick left his shack so we know he did well.
Ken did not do so well and moved after the first day , the second spot he moved to only produced 5 more fish. I was so surprised as I thought for sure that plowed area was going to be real good.
Jonny boy also had a wheel house friend that tried a spot . They only got one so they moved to another spot where there buddies had done real well only to get skunked.
I also had plowed spot for a gentlemen, I think his name was duey? He only had a couple the first night but he never moved so I’m thinking it got better for him.
Hillmens had the crappie floppers playing some music in tall tale tavern Saturday night . They get together every year. I have been dying to play my harmonica so I was able to jam on one song with them and man was that fun. Even got a couple pats on the back.
The hammer, Jonny boy and I also went out to the icog festivities on the ice out of Rodgers . We met Lonnie and his wife lisa at the tent then went and visited in there dream shack for a bit.
Yesterday was cleaning and moving day as we moved old minnesota and montana over where marlo was. The hammer and I fished there last night from 6 to 9 and never got a nibble all though I did manage to get that cat nap I have been chasing,
Time to get to work as Jim, Sten and Dustin are on there way up for old Minnesota. Plus Greg from Iowa is also coming early.