feb 2nd 2018

Lets just start by saying crazy, crazy, crazy. Mother nature dealt us a big blow, Tuesday Wednesday. With 4 houses rented Monday its been a hectic week.
Ken , Bob and Berry were in Florida one last night. Bob owns a small café in Remer so next time we go through Remer the plan will be to stop and eat. They sure were a mello group of guys. Plus very nice guys to boot. I have no clue how many fish they caught in there 3 nights but they lost quite a few and said next year they do not want the 4 extra holes as there fish kept going down the other holes when they got off.
Ethen and Greg from Iowa struggled to catch fish, they were young guys that work in the conservation department in Iowa. Super nice kids. They were also here for 3 days mon, tues, wed, mother nature reared her ugly side and they never really got to hole hop in there portable.
Jim, Sten and Dusty spent Monday night in old Minnesota and went home with 7 plus a few misses.
Matt checked in Tuesday for 2 nights in montane and figured he caught 15 to 20 plus misses.
Larry and Perry fished montana Monday night and only landed a couple.
Tuesday morning I was out on the lake getting Ken and his crew off as well as Jim and his crew plus Larry and Perry as the big winds and snow were on the door step. Then I would be checking in Matt as well as greg and ethan . We got everyone off as the winds and snow started to blow. Getting the guys all checked in it was like here’s the scoop’ hunker down , do not leave the shack and call if there’s a problem. The crazy weather person actually got it right, must of looked out a window.
Jonny boy would be taking care of Snowbear Joshes customers and hunker down in one of his ice castles. Lets just say man did it blow, first snow with high winds out of the south east followed by dropping temps and stronger winds out of the nw. From all these years I new any side roads would be completely lost. Kelly Birch of Hillmen’s drug the main road in the worst of it for 5 hours to save it . Going out on the lake Wednesday morning and hillmens highway was in great shape as the combination of dragging with the winds switching kept it pretty darn clean.
Heading out with the red baron there was a gentlemen stranded that needed help as well as Jonny boy. Taking care of him was no problem as he was impressed with the red baron. I guess he should of seen it 20 minutes later as I blew out reverse and now I was stranded. Marty was up for the morning and came to the rescue as we towed her home and set up a appointment for another rebuild. ASAP.
From the moment I fired up blue thunder I all ready new she was going to get one hell of a work out! Arriving to my half mile road and she was gone just as expected, cross country travel would not be a issue as the wind blew so hard it has turned the snow into brick, 4 foot drifts around everything, 20 feet long and you can walk from one end to the other with out breaking through. Of course this is where the red baron shines? as it parts the snow like the red sea.
Jonny boy and I humped all day. I hit the lake before lite and came off after dark. A new road had to be made with blue thunder just to get the house’s out of the area I truly had ruined with mother natures help!
Plowing any wheel houses this weekend is not on the to do list so every one is on there owns. It is not worth my time or where and tare on blue thunder. Blue thunder is all we have un tell red baron comes back home. My advice is watch where your going off road, the snow pack is rock hard unless you drive over a 4 foot drift, bring a spade shovel and please leave the plastic snow shovel at home or at least when you break it take it home with you.
I have a little venting but today I’m just going to bite my lip and hit her hard, “have a grand day” as I know I will be having a grand weekend, On a grand lake that owes us nothing! nothing!