feb 6th 2018

Well we survived another weekend and another wind storm on sunday. I have no clue where these weather men get there info but yesterday was not lite and variable winds by any means.
Due to the red baron being down we had to improvise where the houses would be set up. The new road I made to rescue the houses would be the easiest place to set up 3 of the 5.
Leroy and his boys and grandsons showed up right on time friday and we got them all settled in north Dakota and Florida. it was nice seeing them all they have been coming for years. Two of the boys come all the way down from Alaska just to spend time fishing with there dad.
I was able to visit with Leroy when the crew went to town . He has had a very interesting life that’s for sure.
Of course the fishing could of been better for them but they did have 7 or 8 laying in front of north Dakota sunday morning, Not sure how the grand kids did in florida as every time I stopped they were gone. They went to westwind for there prime rib dinner Saturday eve and had also gone to breakfast Saturday morning.
Kevin and Rollie rolled in right on schedule also . I had to switch them to montana due to mother nature and we kind da figured this was there 8th year. The high lite for the weekend was a 42 inch pike that Kevin landed. After they released him we think it camped under the house as they never caught another fish Saturday eve. They only went home with 6 walleyes but said they will be back again next year .
Wayne would be the late comer and arrived about 5 pm. As I escorted him out on the lake I felt blue thunders steering was not feeling right. She had just went through two days of hell. I kept thinking on my way out its just my imagination as I steered back and forth like I was warming up my tires for a nascar race. Once I got wayne out to the house we took the flash lite and blue thunder would be spending the night on the lake as the front differential u bolts were loose.
Saturday morning after I made the rounds. Jonny boy met me at old Minnesota where we discovered the u bolts were toast and I would have to make a trip to Bemidji for new bolts.
Arriving back at old Minnesota after dark Jonny boy was hanging out with Wayne and his friend jake. We got at it right away with flash lite’s in hand, With temps below zero and a cool breeze. It was sure good to have Jonny boy there as there’s was no way I have the arm strength to tighten them bolts. After we got the wheel back on and checked things out I headed home to test drive and park her tell morning so we could check things out one more time in the lite.
Wayne and Jake only ended up with 5 fish but Wayne said they should of had at least 10 as he had lost 5 himself.
Mr weather man nailed the winds for sunday. Before noon sw winds were blowing well over 20mph making another mess of things. As I escorted Wayne off the lake with his car I gathered the generators, and secured things as I had no plans to go back on the lake.
Mean while Jonny boy was able to replace the left front drive axle on white lightning so we would have a second truck with 4 wheel drive.
Yesterday a little cleaning, a full day of plowing, Once again Hillmens highway is in great shape. There’s still more plowing to be done but that can be done as we go on and off the lake the next couple days.
I’m still chasing that nap in old Minnesota. With all the house open in tell the weekend I’m hoping to catch a second wind as its been a grind. No word on the red baron other then the casing was cracked and they were looking for a core to rebuild. That bill is going to hurt but I have accepted long ago that its part of the business as they take a beating out there. Once the red baron is back home we will be starting to prep to again chase the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Wish us luck as a little luck never hurt any one

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