feb 9th 2018

I think its day 67 of heading out on to the lake. After a nice break of not having anything rented all week its back to full tilt as we push to the end of another great game fish season here on the shores of upper red lake. Just like every other year there’s been ups and downs big fish ,little fish, lost fish and no fish at all. For some crazy reason more then a few sheephead have been caught this winter? Were up to 10 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies . I know of one that was released to fight another day the other 9 were harvested.
Marlo tangled in to that big pike twice a couple weeks ago so I put montana and old Minnesota in the area hoping to land him. I’m assuming Kevin’s 42 incher was the girl. Andy and Andy had the 40 fish weekend as well as Andy’s brother and dad. The hammer has not had the best year but again is ahead of me on fish landed. All though I did wet a line a couple times this week and landed 3 . The plain pink hook with the split shot on the rattle wheel has been the hot set up? Wayne had the hot set up with the hammered gold gemini and then the next time up could not buy a bite on that set up.
A few rentals have came closer to shore again this year and that seems to be a pattern every year. Then more traffic and that bite tapers back off?
Buddy Hillmens Highway is again in great shape after spending two more full days plowing with 3 straight blades, 4 different trucks and only 1 v plow. His big 14 by 28 double decker has made some lasting memories and uses a lot of propane as its 3 times the square footage of any of his other houses.
With nothing rented all week my plan was to turn off the heat in 4 of the 5 houses but just like every other year I could not do it. Jonny boy has done a good job cleaning , he has also had lots of compliments with his customer service which is huge as I strive for repeat customers. It make our job that much easier.
When were on the same page moving houses is not a chore. I have not moved many houses with customers here this year as the fishing has been good enough. I also still get a kick out of vacuuming the fish houses. The new carpet sure looks nice all vacuumed up.
I hate to bring up the fleet Knock on wood. Blue thunder, the red baron and white lighting have all done there duty . Burning up another transmission stunk but was completely my fault. I sure hope I learned my lesson on that one.
I guess I have to throw in a little rant and I hope I do not offend any one. I have no problem plowing a spot for a wheel house but its all most a insult when they offer me a 20 dollar bill. I spend 3 to 4 grand just on keeping my fleet working. At 20 a pop you do the math. That’s not even counting gas or fluids.
Sorry not much of a fishing report as it was quite this week. Jonny boy caught quite a few fish but he was out on the lake 5 of 6 nights. He sure has a passion when it come to catching fish.

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