Feb 15th 2018

wow where did the week go? Marty and Shelly rolled in sunday for a few nights in montana Marty’s favorite house. We also had Joihn Joe and Roman rolling in for north Dakota. With again the winds barreling down on us sunday. I had no choice but to leave north dakoata where it was as well as montana. The good thing was both houses had caught fish so it would be interesting to see how they would do.
John and Joe were treating there dad to a fishing trip for is 80th birthday. Roman has owned a bee keeping operation for 52 years and gave me a quart of fresh honey “Schelonka’s Honey ” I sure enjoyed visiting with them. They sure enjoyed the house which is always a treat. The hammer was going to make him a cake but was a little under the weather so it fell through. They did end up taking home 9 fish and said they missed just as many.
Marty and Shelly also rolled in sunday. They only managed 4 fish. Monday morning after getting Marty’s diesel running he helped me get the v-plow back on the red baron. They were headed to low the woods for the day, they would be back later in the evening.
Jonny boy and I were able to cut a new trail and get all the houses out of the area as the snow has piled up quite a bit on the nw road and was becoming to big of a chore to maintain the rest of the ice season. I also planned on wetting a line in old Minnesota off and on all week,
Of course mother nature had to have her say again so we have been plowing off and on the main road. The winds were just howling out of the south west that most of the snow was blowing right across hillmen’s highway just like its designed to do. Buddy’s road is in great shape as of today.
Glen also showed up with his wheel house and had fantastic fishing. He told me the secret was a green hook just off the bottom on a dead stick was deadly and lost count of how many nice fish he caught. The hot lure in old Minnesota for me has been a small orange northland forage minnow 6 inches of the bottom. I have landed at least 8 fish plus the ones I lost.
The hammer ,me and Jonny boy had fresh fish out there last night for dinner. I again out fished the hammer but she still loves me I think.
Tim and Kim also showed up Tuesday eve with there wheel house. Last I heard they have caught at least a dozen fish.
We also said good by to marty and shell yesterday as they headed back to lotw. The new spot did a little better as they left with there 8.
Starting today we have another busy 4 days. Sunday every thing needs to be moved as we have Shell chick coming up as well as harmonica Mike on sunday

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