Day 50 Feb 06, 2009

Looking at the other web sites it looks like it’s not be but the fish. I always feel so bad when our fishermen do not do well. 
Kellie says its fishing and I’m too hard on myself? 
I can not dilly dally today as I have a ton of work to get done. At least 40 holes to auger and I still need to move
Minnesota 3 miles out next to Idaho. Utah needs to be banked and all the houses need the propane checked. Nothing like loading up a couple of 100 pound propanes in the truck to get the morning started. 
With the temps at 27 this morning it will feel like spring. 
I have seen enough crappies caught this year that we are thinking about having some type of get together in march. With the red baron cutting a trail it will be a fun weekend looking for the mother load. We will get a hold of the Coney king and serve up Coneys as we pepper the lake. More details will follow as the plans are set in motion.