Day 51 Feb 07, 2009

Hey Bill plans are set in motion. March 21 works on my end and I to will give away a day of fishing in my boat here on upper red lake. I should have most of the houses still on the lake plus the cabin that give us about 30 beds including the doubles. I will go 30 dollars a man per night for a place to stay. Depending on the lake conditions I should have the houses out far enough that a crappie or two may also be caught out of the houses. Travis has already committed to California and I will have to pencil Jake in a shack. Should be a great time. I did see two crappies caught last night one a bout 3 miles out the other just over 4 so there still out there you just need a army to find them. Maybe I can get Tyler from Bearpaw to step up and give away a day of fishing also, plus he loves chasing upper red lake crappies and is a drilling machine. 
If anyone is interested give me a call and we will pencil you in. There will be free Coneys as we search for the mother load.