Day 53 Feb 09, 2009 6:41 am

We will start with the fishing report and get to the oh oh at the end. Friday was the best fishing of the weekend. Not sure why. Marty and his crew were in Alaska and had a few bites a few misses and a couple of keepers. They were always playing cards and never went fishing early they did catch a crappie the second day. 
Travis and crew were in closest to shore in
Utah and California. They got 7 keepers in one house and 4 in the other. When I stopped in Friday night they were having one heck of a party and the beer was going down real good. I did make a mistake and they ran out of propane Friday night. I guess it happens and I sure felt bad. They also tore the area up with a wheeler and a big ford diesel not sure how that effected the fishing but they were having a good time and that’s what matters. 
Dave and Tammy were in
New York our day house and got a crappie right away when they arrived Saturday. I think they only caught 4 fish but also missed a few. 
Montana got 8 keepers; Florida got 5 keepers and a crappie. I felt bad for Don as he has had some great fishing with me in the past. We also had Ryan’s house and it landed 11 keepers a crappie and missed plenty of bites. Old Minnesota had Wayne, Dave and Kelsey. They got 4 keepers missed some bites and had one heck of a WE fest. I managed to get in some bowling, tennis and golf. 
Idaho had 6 keepers and this is where the oh oh comes into play. I headed out yesterday to plow some new areas and move Idaho and Florida closer to the fishy area. Blue thunder was having a heck of a time and I felt something was not working right the second time I got stuck? After a big bang I though oh oh that sounded like the driveshaft but louder. When I got out of the truck and peeked under there were transfer case parts everywhere. Bummer I totally destroyed it. Anyone out there want a souvenir of blue thunder I have about 20 pieces.