Feb 09, 2009 7:03 am

Rereading my post the fishing was a little better then that there were some fish caught that were to big and two small. There were also some line snappers and a 33 pike landed. They also marked fish that would not bite. I have not seen a skinny walleye all winter they sure look like they’re feeding good and maybe that has something to do with all the lookers or sniffers. 
I made some calls and have a transfer case coming up this morning as long as I did not damage the driveshafts we hope to have her back on the ice by this evening. I still never found a parts truck. It sure would have come in handy right now. 
I also got from a very reliable fishermen and friend that he landed 8 crappies Saturday night. It was an area I had my eye on earlier in the season. There has also been some good walleye fishing close to shore. An old timer I met last Thursday that does not fish anymore said if he was fishing he would be in 7 feet of water. Very interesting.