Day 56 Feb 12, 2009

Things have not went so well with blue thunder as we tried to install the transfer case outside in the rain it turned out we had a transfer case fro a automatic not a manual. Oops. 
Not all was lost as we have another coming A little expensive but what do you do. 
Yesterday we spent the day moving houses with the red barn and it went really well. The system my cousin Pete and mentor taught me worked well. We should have all the houses on fresh spots for the up and coming weekend.
Ed, Bruce and Ken went home with 8 keepers and really enjoyed their stay in
Florida. Rob, Bob and Bobby were in Idaho and we moved them yesterday to see if they could have a little better fishing. Talk to Derrick and Jake and I suggested to them to try an unfished area as they had a sled. Jake called to thank me as he said they landed 80 walleyes yesterday? Of course when I ask where they fished it was a secret. What’s up with that I gave them the clue, Oh well they must be planning on coming back. Time to get to work. Still looking for fishermen for our crappie hunt.