Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:40 pm

Here are some of the details. Saturday the 21rst of March we will be hitting the lake looking for the mother load. I plan on having most of our houses still on the lake depending on Mother Nature. 30 dollars a night will cover a bed. We plan on fishing and being mobile all day into the evening on Saturday. We will be serving up Duluth‘s famous Coney’s at some point during the day. Once we have an idea we will order up the food. Westwind, Bearpaw and Agassiz may also have lodging on or off the ice. I also know of a few other cabins. The 30 dollars per person is for my houses and cabin. Who knows you might even catch a crappie or two out of a house. It has been known to happen. It should be a great get together and I will be giving away a day of guided fishing out of our 20 foot tyee this summer. The Greek says he will also take some one fishing in Alaska in his boat if you happen to be in the neighbor hood. I believe we will catch some crappies as we pepper the lake. 
We will see if we come up with any other gifts to give away but wanted to get this rolling to see how much interest there may be.