Day 58 Feb 14, 2009

The Greek will be up today and we will keep working out the details. Spence and John were out last night and managed to find more then one of the elusive but still catch able upper red lake crappie. Jake also was out somewhere scouting and I will track him down today. Making the rounds last night Dwayne had one. We thought we found a great spot but it turned out to not be so good and we moved the house out of that area yesterday. Oh well I will have to scout another area a little further out. I will also find out where Spence and John were fishing and we will see if we can get to that area in the future. 
Lee thanks for the offer on the gift certificate do you think you can make it up that weekend? Jerry the Coney king is up with his tow behind and I will be talking to him later today. 
This is going to be a good time to fish with a group and have some fun on the lake fishing as a team. Finding the elusive red lake crappie can take hundreds of holes but all of a sudden you land on that one spot and its amazing watching those slabs come out of the same hole. I plan on having the houses out about 5 miles so the chances of landing a crappie or two out there during your stay is not out of the question.