Day 59 Feb 15, 2009

It’s hard to believe that walleye and pike will be closing in a little over a week. From the road traffic I have seen this year we have not even come close to denting our quota. Were making ice as I type and the game fish season is winding down. Mother Nature has kicked me in the face all year but that’s nothing new. I had Jake try a new area Friday and he was told if he wanted to fish there he should buy Hudec’s. 
That put an idea is his head and he wants to look at buying something on the north shore. He really has fallen in love with the area and is becoming a very good friend. He says his son Gabriel was conceived while camping on the shores on upper red lake and it’s in his blood now. Must of been one of those days when it was to windy to fish. 
I will have a full fishing report from the weekend tomorrow but the fishing again was decent Friday and as the temps dropped the fish quit biting. Spence and John had 7 crappies yesterday afternoon. I will get a pic and try to get them posted on the internet. They had to work for them but feel it was well worth 
it. I met them three years ago when I offered half price if you bring a kid fishing. That worked out well so I will offer that again the rest of the ice season. Bring a kid fishing and my houses are half price the rest of the ice season. Were not throwing in the towel and will be pursuing crappies the rest of the ice season. I have to hit the lake now and auger some holes.