Day 60 Feb 16, 2009

Here we go again. Don and his crew of 10 were some great guys and said they will be back next year. They did not take home limits but got enough to have a fish fry. 
Dewey and his crew of 8 also had some action but it was on the slower side. They also enjoyed there stay and I’m sure will be back next year. They had a great meal of barbecue venison and cole slaw for me Friday evening when I was doing the rounds and after not eating all day man did that hit the spot.
Alaska did real well as well as California. Both those house were in closer to shore. Alaska caught a crappie as well as Florida. 
A few big pike were lost with one over 36 landed yesterday. Kellie and I were visiting her cousin and she was jigging Chris’s rod when a very large pike ripped the rod right out of her hand. Down the hole it went. When I lowered Jeff’s camera down I saw the rod of the lake floor and turned to see the pike. He then took off and the rod went flying by the camera man did we laugh. They ended up tagging into the same pike the next day .They had him up to the hole but he broke off. The bright side is they did catch the line in the process and got Chris’s rod and reel back. 
Bob and Jacky fished old
Minnesota. I made them burrito’s Saturday night and man were they good. Jacky caught two big walleye and one was over 24 inches not sure how big the other one was but they caught enough fish to take home a meal or two. All in all another good weekend, the rain made a mess of things and now everything is rock hard from the cold temps. We have some tough work ahead of us this week as again Mother Nature has showed us not to look the other way.