feb 15th 2019

Then there were 10? Yes only ten days left of walleye,pike fishing here on such a grand lake.
Of course its been another busy 2 days for me as I grind and battle mother nature. I’m not complaining as its such a challenging job. Planning days in advance, mother nature always throwing curve balls. left, right, up, down. We start the season wanting a bit of snow , We end up towards the end of the season with well over 2 feet.
With the weight of the snow our houses have pretty much flooded every spot.
The silly fish start to bite all of a sudden? Now that its such a chore to get around. It will be interesting to see how it goes the next 10 days.
Paul,Dennis,Brad, and Josh arrived sunday for north Dakota for 4 nights. With the great fishing Sean had with his family we decided we would start the first night on the same spot. They did get a couple fish but we would be doing the cookie shuffle the next day. It was not a big move as some times that’s all it takes.
The guys caught a few fish right away. The third morning they had a nice run, Paul tangled with the legendary pike nick named jingle bells for all the lures its taken. They had it half way up the hole after a epic battle only to have it slip away.
The last night they were treated to a nice run on the rattle wheels at 4 am .
Tom,Darrin and Mike were in California. They were here 2 night,The first night they got 7 followed by 2 more for a total of 9.
Glen was here one night and landed on the mother load, A school of fish must of decide to rest under that house as he actually got tired of catching fish. Well just like that my plans changed as Rodger needs a place to rest as they drove up to get there broken car so I gotta go.

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  1. Hey cookie. This is slabby. I got a meeting in Roseau Monday and Tuesday morning. Would you have overnight fishouse available for just me late Monday afternoon til Tuesday mid morning? Just checking options at this point. Thx

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