Crappie Hunt 2009

A big thanks goes out to all the perticapated in our get together.
Rick,The greek,Micke,Bill,Roy,John,Lee,Harry,Ben,Sam,Nate,Todd,Sadie, Tyler,Al,Mike,Steve,James,Gordy,Al,John,Spense, Josh,Tony,Jake,Jeff,Chris another Gordy and Chris’s friend.
It was a good turn out and we found a few of the elusive upper red lake crappies. Jeff’s fire put a little bummer on things for me and I’m sorry about that.
Friday afternoon I checked in most of the guests and then took a few that wanted to fish to a area I had marked some dirty and rough ice. We managed to catch the first crappie of the weekend “way to go Greek” and quite a few wallleye’s that were released.
Saturday morning was the big day as we headed out of Hillmen’s to the area I had Utah and picked up two crappies a couple of weeks ago.
We all spread out and fired up the augers.It was a fishy area and Sam the youngest of the group Todd’s son landed the first crappie a Dandy 14 3/4. What a smile that kid had on his face, Jake landed the second crappie minutes later.Al tied into a pike and again a few perch and walleye were also caught.
Not sure why we decided to move other then we were looking for the mother load. We got the cook shack hooked up and had a little trouble but were on the move after a few minutes.
The next area we ventured to was a rarea we did well two years ago. Again everyone spread out as the greek got the food going. The coney’s were a huge success and the fishing was not so good in that area. Ben managed to catch a crappie about the time we decided to make another move.
We stopped briefly at the cribbs as I had to go help Chris as His truck had quit running. We then headed south east looking for rough ice. Chris had gotten 4 crappie saturday morning where they had set up camp and some how John and Spense hooked up with Chris and found the mother load while the rest of us spread out on a huge patch of rough ice.
Jake and Tony hooked up with John and Spense and they managed to get over 30 crappies in that area. Everyone else was spread out over a 1/4 mile on the rough ice.
I headed off the lake around 5pm and when I got to shore the red baron coughed and missed and quit running?
After dinner I headed out with blue thunder to deal up the cards for the prizes.
The Fishing trip with me went to Jonh with aces over 7s
The fishing trip in alaska with the greek went to Al with Kings over 8s.
The mystrey dinner theater tickets went to the greek with Jacks over 10s
The two pack of fishing poles went to Sam the youngest for catching the first crappie saturday morning. He is going to be a great fishermen. The tip ups went to Tyler and Nate and I will give them there prizes next time I see them as they seemed to of gotten missplaced.
Again thanks to all that attended . It was a great turnout with 30 fishermen all having a good time.
After saying goodbye to all sunday Tony,Josh,Jake and I got busy and hauled the houses off the lake. They are now all sitting in front of my place and will be going into there spots on land the next few days.
Looking at the lake yesterday it looks as though alot of the water has went into the lake and the ice is High and dry.I will no more when I venture out the next day or two. I’m sure there are some holes where water drained but the fishing should only get better with all the fresh water running into the lake. As long as the shore line holds together we may be fishing for a couple more weeks.
Again thanks to all and I hope to have some type of get together again next year.