the fishing is still pretty good

Wow I sure drop the ball when it comes to fishing reports on here.
The new slot limit took effect on the 15th of June and man was the access busy monday the 15th. the weather had a huge effect as I have no idea where all the boats come from for the day but it looked like opener out there and the fishing was a little to good.
The fishing has now slowed a bit but were still finding some fish and its nice to be able to keep a couple over 17 inches. One fish over 18 would easly feed the wife and I.
i took Greg,niel nad Mark fishing yesterday and we had a pretty good day. They ended up keeping 8 fish inbetween 15 to 18 1/2 inches. the sheephead were also biting which kept us busy as well as Neil landing a beautiful 32 inch pike. the guys in the cabin did real well and got plenty of fish for a fish fry. Last friday I took Don out in the morning and we got 3 for him to take home all inbetween 18 and 19 inches.