The wihe Kellie and I did a little fishing yesterday July 3rd. We got on the lake around 11 am . The first area we fished we drifted jigs as Kellie did not want to troll. After landing two sheephead we headed out deeper. After throwing out a marker to mark the spot we played the kight wind and drifted over the area. The first drift we both landed a small waleye. The second driftalso produce a small walleye and a miss. The third drift landed a keeper walleye. All the fish seemed to becoming in about the same spot so I anchored up wind , It did not take that long to catch another keeper and again a few smaller ones. After are third keeper we pulled anchor and went for a short ride to cool off. I then anchored closer to are marker and Kellie tagged into a big pike. The battle was on as I tried to insturct her so we could land the fish. she did a great job as the fish made numerous runs everytime we had it near the boat. With the big net in hand i was able to get the fish in the net and unhook the jig. kellie got the camera out and I held the pike up for a quick pic.We were able to release the fish unharmed a beautiful pike just under 40 inches.