were still fishing kinda

The fishing got a little tougher since my last report. I had the pleasure of taking Brian and Jim from chicago last weekend. the winds were very nasty and made for some tough fishing. Both days we had to work our way over to the north shore as the waves we realing rolling in. the first day we had fun catchiung some sheephead but the walleye did not cooperate. saturday the wind were about the same 20 mph out of the northwest. After catching two sheephead and one small walleye I decided we should try fishing the wind blown side of the lake. We manage to catch one 19 inch walleye drifting. After 5 drifts through the same general area I threw in the towel and we called it a day.
Today I was able to get out for 2 hours from 11am till 1 and managed two catch two 19 inch walleyes.One drifting the other trolling. lets hope things are looking up as my mom amd dad are coming up from Iowa this weekend and it would be nice to catch some fish while there here.