Day 17, January 04, 2009

Day 17 started as a quick trip to Bemidji fro supplies. Jake arrived and went and met the Greek out in Florida to have breakfast and talk fishing. Coming back fron town the roads turned horrible and it was 45 all the way home.
The Greek checked in on all the customers and I decided I still wanted to move Idaho. While I was gassing up blue thunder and getting things organized the Greek started prepping the new spot we would be parking Idaho.
Rather then move California I would upgrade Pete and his crew into our new house. Things went well considering we were working in extreme conditions. Good practice incase of an emergency I guess. After getting Idaho all ready we were off to check on Wayne and see if the boys in California wanted to move to the new house. Again everything went rather well as we made our way out 3.5 miles. After the guys were ready we headed back and that’s when it got ugly. Most of the day I had said to myself we may not be beating mother nature but we were going toe to toe. Just like that the road was gone. With no gps or compass” Opps “we struggled to find the birm that would lead us back to shore. What the day before was so awesome turned into Just get me off this lake for the Greek.
Back on shore Jake called to give me the bad news my sled had broken and he was out 10 miles in the area we fished last year. After the great fishing he had there with us last year he just had to go there even though I suggested going out on a sled in those conditions was not a great idea. Oh well we all learn form our mistakes. The Greek was kind enough to let me use his sled to go rescue Jake. As the daylight faded I arrived to pick up Jake. My sled “The rocket” will have to sit there until late today or tomorrow before we can cut a trail and go retrieve her. The boys in California landed a 41 inch pike and 5 keeper walleyes. Wayne only landed a couple of fish and Andy and his crew had the best fishing and were well over 20 or more walleyes.