Dec 13

Spent just a little time on the lake yesterday. I measured just over 9 inches about 1/4 mile out. I would say there were 20 fishermen on the lake yesterday. I did here of a 41 inch pike caught. Buddy has staked a road out 7 miles and Ryan has staked a road out around 3.
Talked to Dean yesterday he is the new owner of Hudecs. They have renamed it beacons harbor. He Gave me a tour of what they have done so far and the rooms look great. I think he plans on having lodging by the first of the year if everything goes as planned. It will be nice to be able to send a few friends and fishermen out of there this winter to do some fishing/scoutting.
The greek will be helping me this year and searching for crappies in his spare time. He will be offering one on one guiding or groups through me if any one is interested in chasing the elusive but still catchable red lake crappie