Dec 27th fishing report

We finaly found some good fishing. California was the hot house and had 15 keepers when I saw them having dinner ay westwinds. They came in and cleaned enough for a meal perfectly prepaired in westwinds kitchen. New York was also catching fish but seemed to be missing more then they were landing. Old minnesota was the slowest of the three houses but that could of changed since I talked to them last night as the sunset.
The sunset was spectacular is the only word I can give it. I will lay you money there were many many pics taken of that sunset last night. Some day I will leard how to post pics so I can better share some of the sights here on upper red lake.
We still have houses open on weekends and weekdays for anyone that would like to experiance red lake.
A few of my loyal cusomers I have not heard from. mark and sandy,dave and dallas, Bob and Jacky

One thought on “Dec 27th fishing report

  1. Thanks for the report, Cookie. “Good fishing” is what I like to hear! This is about the time when we whack the walleyes every year up there, so I’m super excited and looking forward to a cold weekend… they seem to bite better all night during the bitterly cold nights. Jingle jingle.

    To all who are on the fence about going up… the time is now for a walleye massacre on Red Lake so you might as well rent a nice house from a good guide.

    Catch ’em!

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