Day 17, cont.

Wayne headed home with his 3 walleye and a bonus crappie. Andy and his crew did real well and lost track of how many fish they caught. The guys in our new house Idaho also did well. All the guys out there today have had off and on action. I headed out to the end of Agassiz road this morning to help open the road and plow Joe out as he was out about 6 miles. I also plowed out two other houses that hunkered down and spent the night out there. One house did catch a crappie and some walleyes. Tomorrow I will have to go rescue my sled and start prepping the houses for next weekend. Blue thunder and the red baron need some attention so it’s looking like another busy week. Let’s hope Mother Nature gives us a break. With all the snow the snow banks are piling up. Please avoid drilling next to them as it will cause flooding.