Happy new year

Here we go to another new year. we now have all the houses on new spots and will be augering the holes later this morning. Pat and his crew were having walleyes for snacks last night when I checked in on them.
The greek, leah his better half my better half Kellie and I all had supper out on the ice last night. The fishing was slow we did catch one to small and a 18 incher. we put in a movie but the greek and I were dozing off from all the hard work and freash air. The greek had great fishing the night before with the rattles wheels and had to pull them to get any sleep. We have a full house the next two days then it slows way down with houses still open next weekend? The greek and I will move all the houses again next week as thats the way I like to do things. Its so nice to have a house on a fresh spot for our customers even if its 50 feet away from where the house was.