another weekend has gone bye

With hi hopes and all the houses on new spots I expected better fishing then we had. Tom,Lenard,Matt and Mike had a nice meal of fresh fish saturday night but did not take any home.
Carol and Al spent there weekend in old minnnesoat and said they will be back next year as they loved the charm of the house. They also had fish for super and took home 6. John and his crew pulled out before I could say goodbye as well as the guys in utah who were only here saturday night. Tony and his two budddies had the worst fishing and left two fish for me so I assume thats all they kept.
Kellie and I fished in minnesota last night and she caught 3 and I lost one on the rattle wheel. gary and Kay fished in Idaho and had one in the bucket with a few misses.
We have a big week this week and if I want house on fresh spots for everyone I will be moving most of the houses twice.