mother nature has reared

This last weekend was quite the weather. The temps were hoovering around 30 all weekend. As I was coming off the lake sunday night I saw my first snow flurries. 4 hours later it was getting real ugly out there real fast. with the snow coming down sideway we could say good bye to all the roads.Yesterday was just as I expected and for the first time in 8 years there was no way I would be getting my customers to there houses.We found lodging for them last night and will be working are way out to the houses this morning so they can wet a line. wayne went home with only 3 fish but we had fun playing poker and I took 14 dollars off him playing xbox. I also retrived his fishing rod that went down a hole on saturday.Compltly by accident but I get the credit.Mort, lars and Paul went home with 6 keepers and caught and missed a few more.
Jordaon,Tonya,Eric and Sherry are hunkered down in florida and snow in until we can get to them today. they were fine last night when we took the sled out to check on them and were getting ready to have a fish fry