day 53

we now have had house on the lake for 53 days. i have been on the lake 49 of those days. I’m still not burned out but its easy to fall asleep befoere nine oclock at night. I still wake up way to early though. The fishing has just been soo so all year in my book. Houses have never produced 50 fish in one day and I need to see a picture if they are. On a good weekend we might have a house that gets over 20 which in my eyes is good walleye fishing considering I have been to other walleye lakes and never caught one.
The season has been fun again and if it wasn’t for my return customers it would be a rougher season. Thanks guys and gals/fisherpeople as Joe would say.
We still have open houses through out the rest of the season and I offer 20% off midweek.
We will again be having our crappie hunt march 12th and 13th. I have two great giveaway prizes one is 2 tickets to the Mystry cafe with a room and the marriot. One of the nicest rooms I have ever stayed in a 250 dollar value. I’m also offering a full day in out 20 foot tyee and one night in our cabin.
Now for the fishing report/It was a little slow this weekend. Tony and Nels had 5 quality fish as of yesterday and they are out deeper. I have worked big reef all season and most of the action has been in the evning as the walleye come onto the reef to feed. Its been just good enough fishing to keep moving them around the area but it may be time to move to deeper water.
Shawn and his family have florida and when I stopped in last night it was a little slow. Matt had montana and had a group of four from 3 different countries. Laura and Tatina were from colombia. valatina was from chili and Luis was from venezuela. They went home with 7 or eight fish and I gave them a couple that I aquired. Jonny boy was up with two friends and they went out on sleds friday and found three of the elusive butr still catcheble upper red lake crappies. they tried the same place yesterday with no luck. they have gotten a few walleyes in old minneota on big reef they even got one on a tip up
The greek and I will be doing some serious scoutting this week before we move the house 5 to 7 miles out. battling mother nature is tough and being that far out can really take a toll on the equipment. Blue thunder is going in for a new clutch. 5 years and she s ready. I have all new wires and plugs for the red baron and need to address that sooner the later. The greeks ford Three wheel is parked for the season as the cluth is shot.The greeks dodge only has 1rst gear and reverse but has turned into a work horse and have nick named it the work horse. the little red truck that could also has a worn out cluth and has not been driven in over a month,