outstanding fishing

The greek,bob and luke were up this weekend.It sure was nice seing the greek as He has been in alaska all summer running his new businee Naturesventure. They had a good summer with many many halibut ,rockfish and salmon caugt. He has lodging 10 miles out of homer and does some river guiding plus has all the connections for halibut and any other adventures a guy would like to take.
Anyway with the killer fall weather the fishing turned on big time and on friday we did really well with the biggest walleye just over 21 inches. We kept 12 fish with alll over 17 and just under 20 inches it was outsatnding fishing. saturday are goal was to get them each 4 to take home and again the fishing was above average. I took the grandkids and daughter out yesterday and some smaller fish moved in.We kept six nice keepers. What a string of nice weather we have had. How long can it last is up to mother nature.